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Saosin is an American screamo and post-hardcore band. For more information about Saosin, please refer to "American screamo, post-hardcore band SAOSIN".

Saosin's 3rd album is "Along the Shadow". After a long silence, the band's first vocalist, Anthony, returned to the band after leaving on the first EP, making this release a very happy one for fans. Let's take a closer look!

Along the Shadow Overview

Released in 2016, seven years have passed since the last album. During that time, there were quite a few twists and turns, including the departure of the second vocalist, Cove. The return of Anthony, the first vocalist, and quite happy news for the fans, and the album was successfully released. Up to the first and second albums, there was almost no screaming and almost 100% clean-tone singing. However, with Anthony's return, screams are back, and almost all songs have more or less screams. Therefore, it had a strong emo tone, but Along the Shadow has a much stronger screamo tone.

Included songs

13 songs are included in this album.

  • The Silver String
  • Ideology Is Theft
  • Racing Toward A Red Light
  • Second Guesses
  • Count Back From TEN
  • The Stutter Says A Lot
  • Sore Distress
  • The Secret Meaning Of Free
  • Old Friends
  • Illusion & Control
  • Control And The Urge To Pray
  • Drinking From The Fountain
  • Along The Shadow Of Man

There are 3 singles among them.

  • The Silver String
  • Racing Toward A Red Light
  • Control And The Urge To Pray

Here are the details of each song.

The Silver String

This is the lead track of Along The Shadow and the killer tune of the album. Anthony's high tones, back after a long absence, are very cool! The intensity of the vocals is back with Anthony, more so than on the previous album with Cove, but I have the impression that the complexity of the songs has calmed down a bit. There is a somewhat decadent and gothic feel to it. Well, I can't help but feel that I'm being pulled in by the image of the music video. You can hear a different Saosin from the previous albums.

Ideology Is Theft

Personally, I feel this song is very Saosin-like! I personally feel this song is very Saosin-like. The melody is a little bit mellow, but the rhythm changes in the middle of the song with some screams, and the sound of the chorus is really cool. There are a lot of things that make me think, "Oh, it's Saosin.

Racing Toward A Red Light

This is a single song with a really cool riff. It is a song with a lot of screams, which is rare in Saosin's music, and it is more for metallers. If you have come to Saosin from emo-core, you may have a hard time with this song. However, this song is just like a screamo song, and it is very uplifting.

Second Guesses

This song is so emo from the introduction! If you think the first three songs are too intense, Second Guesses is easy to listen to. The song has some screams in it to accentuate the emo nature of the song, so even those who want more intensity will be satisfied with this song!

Count Back From TEN

This is a song with an intense intro and a gentle melody, just like Saosin. For those who have been listening to Saosin since the beginning, this is the song to listen to! For those who have been listening to Saosin since their early days, this is the song for you!

The Stutter Says A Lot

The chorus is dramatic, and unusually for Saosin, it is not tiring to listen to. This song is easy to listen to even for those who like pop music.

Sore Distress

This song is generally heavy and slow, which is not common among punk bands. Of course, it is not as heavy and slow as doom! I think this song is for people who like heavy sound.

The Secret Meaning Of Free

This is a fast-core type song with a fast rhythm and a tempo that is not common among Saosin songs. The contrast between the previous song, "Sore Distress," which is slow and heavy, and "The Secret Meaning Of Free" is very contrasting and refreshing to listen to.

Old Friends

For Saosin old-timers, just hearing Anthony's return and the song titled "Old Friends" is a very emotional song. I thought it was going to be an emo ballad, but the sound is very heavy and there are some screams. The drums sound like they are going to have a hard time in the latter half of the song, so please give it a listen!

Illusion & Control

This song sounds like it could have been on their first EP, and is a must listen for old Saosin fans! Saosin is so cool! I think "Saosin is so cool" when I listen to this song.

Control And The Urge To Pray

This song is also a single. The other two singles were quite aggressive, but this song is very Saosin-like. There are some cool parts scattered throughout the song, and you will never get tired of listening to it.

Drinking From The Fountain

This song is a little different from the other songs on the album. It's a bit different from the other songs on this album. The rhythm is vertically grooving and fun to listen to. The second half of the song is a raging scream, and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun at live performances.

Along The Shadow Of Man

The contrast between the quietness of the backing sound and Anthony's screams is amazing! This song is a perfect example of the passionate screamo style.

Recommended songs

The Silver String" is a great song that shows Anthony's character. The music is great, but the music videos are also great, so please watch the music videos for all the singles. I personally recommend "Ideology Is Theft" and "Illusion & Control", both of which are full of Saosin-ness!

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