Saosin’s 3rd EP The Grey Review Rare Sound Source for Tour and Online Sales Only


Saosin is a band in the post-hardcore and screamo genre, and is an important band that all emo and screamo lovers must go to. For more information about Saosin, please refer to "American screamo and post-hardcore band SAOSIN". Saosin released The Grey EP in 2008. The Grey EP is a very rare sound source that is only sold at live venues on tour and in some cases online. I also want to buy the CD, but I haven't been able to get it. It's a good time now because you can buy it as a download. The Grey EP contains songs that can only be heard on The Grey, so if you like emo and screamo, you should definitely get this EP!

For more information about saosin, please refer to "American screamo, post-hardcore band SAOSIN".

The Grey EP Overview

The Grey EP is an EP released by Saosin in 2008. It was released between their first album, Saosin, and their second album, In Search Of Solid Ground. It contains 5 songs, 2 of which are acoustic versions, so there are 3 original songs. It seems that you made this EP because you have been touring for a long time and wanted to show your fans what you are making now. That may be why it includes the song that was the basis for the song on the second album.

Songs on The Grey

There are a total of 5 songs on The Grey.

  • Keep Secrets
  • Love Maker
  • Why Can't You See
  • Come Close(Acoustic)
  • Love Maker(Acoustic)

Three of the songs are new, and two are acoustic versions.
Let's take a look at the songs in detail.

Keep Secrets

Keep secrets is the original song "I keep My Secrets Safe" from the album In Search Of Solid Ground.

It's pretty much done at the Keep Secrets stage.
The song is rougher and more intense than I keep My Secrets Safe.
The song has a gutsy shout before the chorus in particular, which gives the song an intensity that has been hard to find since the early days!

It's also fun to compare Keep Secrets and I Keep My Secrets Safe.

Saosin - Keep Secrets

Love Maker

This song was only recorded on The Grey, so it's a rare soundtrack.
Personally, I feel this song is very Saosin-like.

The sound reminds me of Seven Years, but the chorus is different from Seven Years.
If you like music that is more emo than screamo, you will like this song better than Seven Years. If you like songs that are more emo than screamo, you may find this song more appealing than Seven Years.

Love Maker

Why Can't You See

Why Can't You See is also included in the second album, In Search Of Solid Ground.
The song moves along at a nice rhythm with an edgy guitar sound that is typical of Saosin.
It is a song that you will finish when you realize it is just under 3 minutes long.

The rhythm of the chorus and the cool sound of the song will get you hooked!
Please compare this song with the one on the 2nd album.

Why Can't You See

Come Close(Acoustic)

Come Close is one of Saosin's best-known songs from the album Saosin.
This is the acoustic version of Come Close.

The beautiful singing is impressive, and you can enjoy it with a different taste from the original Come Close.
The original "Come Close" is a very passionate song, but this one is more like an emo song. This one is more like an emo song.

Come Close (Acoustic)

Love Maker(Acoustic)

This is an acoustic version of "Love Maker" from "The Grey.

It's an even more emo version of an already emo song!

Of course, it's not as exciting as the original, but it's a more relaxing song.

I would say the original version is for when you want to get excited, and the acoustic version is for when you want to listen to a quieter song.

Love Maker (Acoustic)

Recommended songs

There are five songs in total, and the three new songs are all perfect.
They are all very Saosin-like, and all of them are addictive.

If I had to pick a personal favorite, I would have to say [Love Maker], which can only be heard on this album.


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