WHAT IS OTITIS MEDIA? Inflammation of the ear that children are prone to from colds and other causes

You will often hear about a disease called otitis media. Children are very prone to it and can get it easily if they have a prolonged cold. Here are some of the symptoms and precautions for such otitis media.

WHAT IS RELATION DIZZINESS AND EAR – People with dizziness may have ear problems

Dizziness at a moment's noticeHave you ever had such an exp...

LiD (Listening difficulty) is a symptom of inability to hear even when a child’s hearing is normal

LiD is a symptom of hearing difficulty, a condition in which a child's hearing is not impaired but he or she is unable to understand the content of a conversation. The following is an introduction to what such LiD is.

Saosin 3rd Album [Along the Shadow] review

Review and song recommendations for "Along the Shadow," the third album by post-hardcore, screamo band Saosin.

What is the Deaflympics? The Deaflympics is a version of the Olympics for hearing impaired athletes.

While the Olympics is a sports festival for able-bodied people and the Paralympics is a sports festival for physically challenged people, the sports festival for the hearing impaired is called the Deaflympics. I will introduce what the Deaflympics is all about, and I hope you will be interested in it.

Batteries for Hearing Aids : Dedicated air batteries to avoid accidental ingestion by children

Except for rechargeable and pocket hearing aids, hearing aids basically use special air batteries. There are some precautions to be taken, such as handling, so we will introduce hearing aid batteries in detail.

How to Choose a Hearing Aid: Understanding Your Hearing Style and Finding the Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is a medical device that assists your hearing. They are not inexpensive, so if you are going to buy one, you want to make sure it is the right one for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right hearing aid.

Various hearing aid manufacturers and how to choose a manufacturer

Hearing aids are sold by many different companies, and you may be wondering which manufacturer is best for you. Different manufacturers have different sound tendencies, so it is best to choose a manufacturer that makes it easier for you to hear. The following is a list of manufacturers that sell hearing aids to help you choose the right hearing aid.

What is occluded-ear simulator? A hearing aid that is inconspicuous so that it is difficult to be noticed by others

There are several types of hearing aids. Among them, occluded-ear simulator are inconspicuous because they are placed inside the ear, making it difficult for people around you to notice that you are wearing a hearing aid. Here is an introduction to the occluded-ear simulator.

What is an in-the-ear hearing aid? A basic hearing aid with a full range of functions

There are several types of hearing aids. One type of hearing aid is an in-the-ear hearing aid. These are basic hearing aids that hook into the ear and have a full range of functions, so if you are in need of a hearing aid, you can choose an in-the-ear type. Here is an introduction to these types of hearing aids.
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