American screamo, post-hardcore band SAOSIN


I would like to introduce an American post-hardcore band called Saosin, which I personally like very much. I first encountered Saosin when I was in junior high school, and "Seven Years" was a real shock to me when I heard it. It is in the Screamo genre, and the contrast between stillness and movement is so striking. If you are interested, please give Saosin a listen!

What is Saosin?

Saosin is a post-hardcore band formed in California, USA in 2003. Before their major label debut, Anthony Green was the vocalist of the band, but he left the band before their major label debut. They will release their major debut album "Saosin" with a new vocalist, Cove Revar.

There were some screams during Anthony's time, but after the arrival of Cove, there are no more songs with screams.
The songs are now more emo than screamo, and they are much easier to listen to.

After the release of the second album, Cove left the band and Anthony came back as a vocalist.

As a whole, the band is very technical for a hardcore band, and they show their technique rather than their energy.
It would be really cool to copy them at a school festival or something.

Saosin's Discography

Let's take a look at Saosin's discography.

1st EP "Translating The Name

Saosin's long-awaited first release is Translating The Name.
Seven Years, which had a great impact on me, is also included on this EP.
This EP is filled with the wildness of Saosin's early impulses.

2nd EP "The Black

The Black is a pilot release of Saosin's current material before the release of a full-length album.
This is only released at live venues and through music distribution, so CDs are especially rare.

1st Album "SAOSIN

This is Saosin's first full album.
Beetle is very impressive.
It is very complete and full of technical songs that are typical of Sasoin.

Please refer to "Saosin 1st Album [Saosin] review" for more information about SAOSIN.

3rd EP "The Grey

Saosin's 3rd EP is The Grey.
Like The Black, this EP was released before the 2nd Album and contains the original songs from the 2nd Album.
This EP was also released only at live venues and through distribution, so CDs are very rare.

Please refer to "Saosin’s 3rd EP The Grey Review Rare Sound Source for Tour and Online Sales Only" for more information about The Grey.

2nd Album "In Search Of Solid Ground

Saosin's 2nd album is "In Search Of Solid Ground".
Compared to the first album, the melodies are better and the songs are more emo.
I have the impression that this is the best of Saosin's work.

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3rd Album "Along the Shadow

Saosin's 3rd album is "Along the Shadow".
Anthony Green returns as a vocalist on this album.
Anthony's high-pitched vocals are very impressive.

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