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Tinnitus is a condition in which sounds that should not be heard are heard only by you for some reason.
Tinnitus itself is not a disease, but a symptom of a cough or headache.

The following is a collection of articles on tinnitus.

An overview of Tinnitus is provided in "Tinnitus is a virtual sound produced by the brain.".
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Articles about APD

Tinnitus is a virtual sound produced by the brain.
Treatment for tinnitus varies depending on the cause Summary of treatment methods
The causes of tinnitus are many and varied, and even doctors have difficulty quickly identifying them
Tinnitus caused by a malfunctioning ear The cause varies depending on the location of the complaint
Straight neck is the cause of various symptoms such as headaches and tinnitus
Is tinnitus caused by body strain? Effects of body strain and posture on the ear
How to cure tinnitus and hearing sensitivity by improving your constitution with Chinese herbal medicine
Easy ear massage for headaches and tinnitus
How tinnitus occurs when the ear becomes hearing loss
Acoustic therapy is a treatment to relieve severe tinnitus by listening to sound
Why does stress-induced tinnitus occur?
What is a tinnitus test? How and what is the process of the test?
What is TRT therapy? A therapy that trains you to get used to tinnitus
What is muscle relaxation method? A method of relaxing muscles to lighten tinnitus
Is it too late if tinnitus is left untreated? Relationship between Tinnitus and Brain Disease
Lack of sleep worsens tinnitus Improve your sleep habits to relieve tinnitus
Don’t be overly anxious about tinnitus! Psychotherapy (counseling) can improve symptoms.
What is masker therapy? A treatment that uses noise to mask the sound of tinnitus.
Why do I get tinnitus when my shoulder stiffness gets worse?
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