How tinnitus occurs when the ear becomes hearing loss

  • Tinnitus may occur after hearing loss
  • Tinnitus due to deafness.

Do you have such experiences?

Why does hearing loss cause tinnitus?
It is because the brain creates the sound on its own.

Let's take a look at the mechanism of tinnitus caused by hearing loss.

Tinnitus has several causes, which are explained in "The causes of tinnitus are many and varied, and even doctors have difficulty quickly identifying them".
Please refer to this article.

Tinnitus is caused by brain function

You will feel this tinnitus if you have hearing loss or deafness in the middle of the day.

I don't often hear people who were born with severe hearing loss having tinnitus.

The difference is that the brain is trying to compensate for the loss of hearing.

The hair cells in the ear, called hair cells, are shaken by the sound wave, which converts the sound into an electrical signal that is recognized as sound by the brain.

When a person suffers from hearing loss, these hair cells collapse and no longer sway, or the hairs disappear in the first place.

This means that sounds that were previously perceptible to the brain are no longer perceptible to the brain.

The brain tries to compensate for this by increasing the sensitivity of the remaining hair cells.
This causes an overreaction, and you start to feel a keening sound even though there is no sound.

Treatment of tinnitus associated with hearing loss

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hearing loss.
There are often books that seem to cure hearing loss, but it is a rare case when that cures the problem.

Therefore, tinnitus associated with hearing loss is also difficult to treat.
It is difficult to solve the problem fundamentally, but there are means of drowning it out.

The main ones are ear massage and acoustic therapy.

Acoustic therapy is a way to avoid silence so that the sound of tinnitus does not bother you.
Ear massage is a way to try to improve blood circulation to the ears.

Please refer "Acoustic therapy is a treatment to relieve severe tinnitus by listening to sound".


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