Treatment for tinnitus varies depending on the cause Summary of treatment methods

  • I need to do something about my painful tinnitus!
  • I've tried everything, but my tinnitus just won't get better!

Here are some ways to improve tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a disease in itself, but is related to some illness.
Therefore, tinnitus can be regarded as a sign of some disease.

Tinnitus has a variety of causes, and effective treatment depends on the cause of the tinnitus.

Even in the hospital, the cause can be immediately identified as this. Tinnitus cannot be diagnosed immediately.
We will introduce a variety of treatments, so please try to adopt a method that will help you feel better.

The general details of tinnitus are described in "Tinnitus is a virtual sound produced by the brain.".
Please refer to it.

How to Cure Tinnitus from Posture

Straight neck is common among the younger generation.
Straight necks cause a metabolic slowdown due to the strain on the autonomic nervous system in the neck.

It can also cause sudden hearing loss in younger generations.

It is especially common among the younger generation due to prolonged use of smartphones.

Straight neck can be treated with physical therapy.
Straight neck is also a distortion of the body, but distortions other than in the neck can also affect it.

This too can be resolved through physical therapy.

Yoga is also quite effective.
It is highly recommended because it improves posture and increases metabolism.

How to Cure Tinnitus from Sleep

Surprisingly, sleep is the one thing that is not done.
Simply improving the quality of your sleep and sleeping well can improve it considerably.

Lack of sleep causes a decrease in basic metabolism.
This leads to the same situation as when the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, which can lead to weight gain.

When basal metabolism falls, ear function also declines, which can lead to tinnitus.

Sleep disturbances and other problems can also exacerbate tinnitus.

How to Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms

Although it may not be a fundamental solution, here are some ways to temporarily ease tinnitus and reduce the frequency of its occurrence.

Some of these methods I actually use myself!


Psychotherapy simply put, see a doctor + counseling to relieve your tinnitus anxiety! This is what it is all about.
Tinnitus is not often directly linked to dangerous diseases, but some of them can be life threatening.
We will examine you with a doctor and tell you that your tinnitus is not that kind of dangerous tinnitus! This is an endorsement of the product.
This will relieve some of the anxiety about the unexplained tinnitus.

In addition, the counselor will discuss the cause of tinnitus in more detail and help you alleviate the stress caused by tinnitus to reduce it as much as possible.

This treatment is especially used when the symptoms of tinnitus are aggravated by psychological factors.

Please refer "Don’t be overly anxious about tinnitus! Psychotherapy (counseling) can improve symptoms." for more information about psychotherapy.

muscle relaxation techniques

Muscle relaxation is a method of relaxing tense muscles to relieve tension and regulate autonomic nervous system disturbances.
It is easy to perform by yourself, so it is highly recommended for those who have severe tinnitus and stiff shoulders and neck.

Please refer to "What is muscle relaxation method? A method of relaxing muscles to lighten tinnitus" for more information on the muscle relaxation method.

Masker Therapy

Masker therapy is a method of reducing the sound of tinnitus by examining the pitch and loudness of the tinnitus sound and listening to a noise that matches the tinnitus being heard.

Thus, after listening to the noise corresponding to the tinnitus sound for a while, the tinnitus sound may cease to be heard.

This is similar to acoustic therapy.

Please refer to "What is masker therapy? A treatment that uses noise to mask the sound of tinnitus." for more information on masker therapy.

Improving the Constitution with Chinese Herbal Medicine

I would recommend Chinese herbal medicine for those who seem to have tinnitus, especially during low pressure.

I am completely this type of person, and I take a Chinese herb called Goryozan.

It is effective when tinnitus is caused by low pressure, which disturbs the autonomic nervous system and slows down metabolism.

I would like people who have tinnitus or headaches on rainy days to try this.

Please refer to "How to cure tinnitus and hearing sensitivity by improving your constitution with Chinese herbal medicine" for more information on treatment with Chinese herbal medicine.

Take medicine

The first and most immediate solution is to take medication.

If the occurrences don't seem to be that frequent, we can always resort to pharmaceuticals!

Ear massage.

The easiest way to do this is to massage the ears.
This is especially effective when metabolism is slowed and tinnitus is present.

Ear massage can improve blood flow and relieve tinnitus.

Ear massage is also a great way to keep your ears healthy, so if you have tinnitus, make it a habit!

Please refer to "Easy ear massage for headaches and tinnitus" for more information on ear massage.

Get used to tinnitus.

Most of us deal with tinnitus on a long-term basis.
Therefore, there are ways to reduce stress by making the sound of tinnitus as unnoticeable as possible.

Incorporate acoustic therapy

Acoustic therapy is therapy in name, but in reality it's music to mask tinnitus! This is a method called

By listening to other sounds, you can divert your attention from the tinnitus and make it less bothersome! This is a method called

Please refer to "Acoustic therapy is a treatment to relieve severe tinnitus by listening to sound" for more information about acoustic therapy.

TRT Therapy

TRT therapy is a way to properly understand tinnitus, reduce anxiety, get used to the sound of tinnitus, and reduce stress.
This is a kind of therapy. Therefore, it is a treatment method that incorporates acoustic therapy.

TRT therapy is available at various otolaryngology clinics, and you can find a hospital near you by doing some research.

Please refer to "What is TRT therapy? A therapy that trains you to get used to tinnitus" for more information about TRT therapy.


Tinnitus rarely gets better as soon as you start treatment.
You must accept that you will have to live with tinnitus for some period of time.

Therefore, it is important to avoid stress when tinnitus occurs.


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