Batteries for Hearing Aids : Dedicated air batteries to avoid accidental ingestion by children


Hearing aids require special batteries. Unfortunately, they are not sold in local stores in Japan, and must be purchased at hearing aid stores or online. In addition, hearing aid batteries are very dangerous if swallowed by mistake and must be managed carefully. Let's take a look at hearing aid batteries.

Hearing aids require special air batteries

Hearing aids require special air batteries. At first glance, they look like batteries you can buy at the corner store. Unfortunately, they are not sold in stores around the corner and must be ordered from a hearing aid store or online. You can also buy them at Costco. If you use hearing aids, you need to buy these batteries, so basically you can just buy them from the place where you bought your hearing aids. When you go out, if the batteries run out, you can't just go to the convenience store and get some! When you go out, if the batteries run out, you can't just go to the convenience store and buy some more!

Hearing aid battery management

Hearing aid batteries are very small. They are about the same size as a one yen coin in Japan. Therefore, you need to be careful that children and pets do not swallow them by mistake. Hearing aid stores will collect used hearing aid batteries and put them back in their cases when you are finished with them. When you have accumulated a certain number of batteries, take them to the store.

Hazards of hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries are small and should not be swallowed by mistake. The reason why hearing aid batteries are collected at hearing aid stores is that they are very dangerous. What makes them dangerous is that they dissolve protein. In other words, if swallowed by mistake, they can dissolve the stomach and other digestive organs. This is true not only for people but also for pets. If you find it difficult to manage them, try to purchase rechargeable hearing aids.

How to use air batteries for hearing aids

Unlike other batteries, hearing aid batteries have a seal on them. Thanks to this seal, the capacity of the battery does not decrease. The seal can be orange or any other color. The first step is to remove the seal. After removing the sticker, insert the battery into the hearing aid, but before you do that, a quick note! Wait 1-2 minutes after removing the sticker before using the battery. It has been shown that batteries last longer if you wait 1-2 minutes before using them in the hearing aid rather than immediately after removing the seal. Generally, a hearing aid battery will last about 3 days, depending on how you use it. If you use them for a longer period of time, you can use them for longer. They are consumable items, so you want to make sure they last as long as possible. The hearing aid battery should be placed in the battery compartment of the hearing aid and used.

When the hearing aid is not in use, it is a good idea to leave the pocket for the hearing aid batteries slightly open. This will help protect them from moisture! If you do this, be sure to think about where you store the batteries so that children and pets do not swallow them by mistake!


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