MIRAI SPEAKER : Japanese Loud Speaker with new Hearing Technology


MIRAI SPEAKER is Japanese Loud Speaker with new hearing technology.
It made by SoundFan in Japanese venture company.

SoundFan technology is really unique.
This technology called "Curved diaphragm".
This idea is inspire from gramophone.

If elderly people dislike wearing hearing aid, they can hear TV sound when use MIRAI SPEAKER!

Please refer SoundFan web site.
Unfortunately, they don't prepare English site.


This item's unique point is curved diaphragm.
Normally, diaphragm is plane.

Unfortunately, sound pressure become reducing by plane diaphragm.
Of curse, it is normal.

If reducing pressure too much, people cannot understand conversation on TV little bit far from TV.

But they found non-declining technology.
It is curved diaphragm.
This technology is inspired from gramophone.

However, the details of this technology have yet to be worked out.

If hard of hearing people use it, everyone enjoy TV without hearing aid.
Elderly people also can understand conversation on TV at far from TV.
Because sound is not declining.

How to use

MIRAI SPEAKER is basically same as normal loud speaker for using.
It have 3.5mm Stereo plug.
So wired TV and MIRAI SPEAKER with 3.5mm stereo mini plug.

Unfortunately, this speaker don't have bluetooth.


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