Is certification of disability due to hearing loss a hurdle?  Criteria for Receiving a Disability Certificate in Japan


Hearing loss is covered by a disability certificate depending on the degree.

I don't want a certificate! However, with the certificate, one can receive discount services and subsidies for the purchase of hearing aids.

However, the hurdle to qualify for disability in terms of hearing loss is quite high, starting at 70 dB or more of severe hearing loss.

Let's take a look at the details of disability certification for hearing loss in Japan.

Criteria for disability certification based on hearing in Japan

Since hearing loss is a disability, depending on the degree of hearing loss, one can receive a disability certificate.

However, the criteria for hearing loss in Japan are very strict.

Grade Condition
Level 2 Hearing level in each ear is 100 dB or more (both ears are at the level of severe hearing loss)
Level 3 Hearing level in both ears is 90 dB or higher (level that cannot be recognized without talking loudly in the ear)
Level 4 Hearing level in both ears is 80 dB or higher (level that cannot be recognized unless spoken loudly in the ear).
Or, the level where only half of what is being said can be understood when listening with both ears
Level 6 Hearing level in both ears is 70dB or higher (the level at which a person cannot understand what is being said when spoken to from a distance of about 40cm).
Or hearing in one ear is 90 dB or more and the other is 50 dB or more

This is quite severe, and in Europe and the United States, even people with soft tone at the level of 20dB to 30dB, called mild hearing loss, use hearing aids.

My wife has a moderate hearing loss, roughly at the 60 dB level.
Even with this, she would have a hard time in her daily life without hearing aids.
To put it bluntly, once you get to 70 dB, you can't speak properly at normal volume.

It is a bit strange that it has to be at such a level to be certified.

Also, as for people with hearing loss in only one ear, even if they cannot hear in one ear, they will not be certified if they can hear in the other ear.

I think that the criteria for the disability certificate should be reviewed.

Advantages of the disability certificate

Some people are paying a lot of money to buy hearing aids because they cannot get this certificate, or they have given up on buying them in the first place and are having a hard time in their daily lives.

Personally, if you can get the handbook, it is definitely advantageous to get it.

The benefits of having the handbook are as follows

  • Subsidies for medical expenses
  • Receive assistance in purchasing hearing aids
  • Discounts on trains and other public utilities
  • Reduction of income tax, inhabitant tax, and other taxes

Aren't you so grateful!

I hate being disabled! Many people may say.

However, considering the fact that they have to buy expensive hearing aids, I think they should be subsidized at least this much.

How to apply for a disability certificate

You can apply for a disability certificate at your local government office.

You can apply there.

The following items are required for the application.

  • A medical certificate and a letter of opinion from a doctor
  • Identification documents
  • Photograph (4cm x 3cm)
  • Personal seal (inkan)

A doctor's certificate and a written opinion are required to apply.
Of course, it is your judgment, but it sounds like you can't hear me at all, and this is already over 70 dB! If this is the case, certification will not be granted.

Please make sure to go to a hospital and have a thorough examination by a doctor.

There are many elderly people who do not want to go to the hospital, so it is quite difficult to have grandparents carry the certificate.

The rest is identification documents and a photo ID of 4 cm (length) x 3 cm (width).
This should be a photo of the upper half of the body, without a hat.

Then there is your inkan (personal seal).
When you have business at the municipal office, anyway, your inkan!

Now all we have to do is apply, and we'll do it in batches!


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